What is it?

The myetactica.com system provides secure, remote access to each and every new eTactica gateway device sold. 

Plug the gateway into power and connect the network cable, and wait for the “eTactica” LED to turn solid. (Should be no more than a couple of minutes)

You can then simply access https://my-unique-gateway-id.myetactica.com and directly access the gateway configuration pages, from anywhere in the world, no need to use the local WiFi configuration. Every single gateway has a unique id assigned in the factory, and every single gateway has a unique default password assigned in the factory as well.

This means on site installation time can be dramatically cut down, and any future changes can be done from the comfort of your desk or phone, instead of making a site visit, or configuring, purchasing or operating your own private VPN service.

How does it work?

Rather than creating our own service from scratch, in 2020, eTactica partnered with PageKite to provide this secure remote access solution.

The PageKite.net operators maintain a global network of cloud services, providing the “front end” service. Individual eTactica gateways use their individually unique credentials to make a secure outbound connection to the nearest server.

When a user accesses their my-unique-gateway-id.myetactica.com endpoint, the PageKite.net front end servers connect this to the backend. You can read more about how this system works in Pagekite.net’s FAQ

What does it cost?

Nothing! eTactica believes the ease of use and installation that this service provides to be fundamental, and that every customer should benefit. It does require some bandwidth to maintain the connections, but this is significantly less than the bandwidth required of any of the data output services, so shouldn’t be considered a serious issue.


PageKite.net handles the security of the connections themselves, and are a vetted open source project with years of experience operating this sort of service. The web connections provided are TLS secured all the way to the gateway. [1]

Beyond that, eTactica gateways are all provisioned with unique ids and unique default passwords. This makes it extremely challenging for an actor without physical access to the device to login remotely, but, as the gateway web console is now available on the internet, by default, security problems in the gateway webserver do matter. You should avoid installing any extra software on the gateway that has no security, and you should definitely avoid changing your password to something “easier to remember”.

eTactica also regularly provides software updates that include security updates for the linux kernel on the gateways, as well as system libraries and applications used.

Turning it off

Despite all the advantages we believe it provides, this service is in no way required. You can turn it off at any time, visit the gateway web configuration console, (either locally, or via the default myetactica.com access) and visit Home -> Setup - > Remote Access. Click to disable the service, and save and apply. 

[1] For the technical, this is not “end to end” encryption, as the PageKite.net operators terminate the TLS connection on their front end services, and relay to the back end eTactica gateways over their own TLS encrypted channel. You are completely safe from eavesdropping, but if the PageKite.net operators are compromised or become malicious, they could listen in or even modify traffic. As trusted open source operators, this is considered unlikely.