eTactica Remote Access

This is not the address of your gateway. Check the sticker on your device to find the remote access URL.

What is My eTactica?

The myetactica.com system provides secure, remote access to each and every new eTactica gateway device sold. 

You can then simply access https://my-unique-gateway-id.myetactica.com and directly access the gateway configuration pages, from anywhere in the world, no need to use the local WiFi configuration. Every single gateway has a unique id assigned in the factory, and every single gateway has a unique default password assigned in the factory as well.

This means on site installation time can be dramatically cut down, and any future changes can be done from the comfort of your desk or phone, instead of making a site visit, or configuring, purchasing or operating your own private VPN service.

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About eTactica

With over ten years of experience, eTactica are experts in energy management solutions. We’re proud to be part of green energy’s past and we look forward to it’s future.

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